Mueller MWRAP Hair Wrap 6 Hot Colors

Mueller MWRAP Hair Wrap 6 Hot Colors

This pack includes the brightest and hottest 6 colors of Mueller Pre-Wrap used by athletes as hair wrap. These are the large 30 yard rolls. Colors included are full rolls of Sunburst, Blue, Orange, Red , Pink, and Lime Green. All rolls are brand new.

The wrap is a foam like product and the rolls are sold as they come from the manufacturer and because of the elastic nature of the foam the rolls do not always appear to be of uniform diameter. They are all at least 30 yards.


We sell these at tournaments for $2.00 a roll plus tax. If you buy it in the blister packs at the big box stores you pay $3.99 or more for 1/2 the roll size of these. Buying it this way saves a lot of money.



Great Hair Wrap