Sweet Spots

Sweet Spots

SweetSpots are a very simple, yet effective tool for soccer players at any stage of development. Young players love SweetSpots because it keeps their laces tied and in place. Coaches love SweetSpots because, with it, players have a visual reference point for shooting and passing. More advanced players love SweetSpots, because wearing SweetSpots, quite simply, gives them better ball control. SweetSpots also allow the player to put that much desired curve and swerve on the ball. It’s a very simple, yet wonderful, soccer accessory that is rapidly becoming a staple in every player’s soccer bag. Make SweetSpots a regular part of your kit.

So just what are SweetSpots? The are a 3″-wide band that covers the laces on the top of the shoe, and rests, protected from wear, under the arch and between the front and rear cleats on the sole of the shoe.

Accept no copycats or substitutes! Insist on “The Original” SweetSpots!

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